Sanfovet to sign exclusive agreement with Inter Care Animal Health

On November 19th, 2022, Sanfovet was pleased to welcome representative from Inter Care Animal Health, our partner in Pakistan. During the meeting, Sanfovet and Inter Care Animal Health officially penned the “Sole Distributor Agreement”, marked the next crucial step in the bilateral cooperation between the two companies.

Sanfovet and Inter Care Animal Health have been in business since 2020 but COVID-19 thwarted our business partner to visit our key personnels and facilities. In the last two years, both companies have made massive efforts to ensure that trading remained smooth and we have to thank our partner in Pakistan in their relentless dedication to promote local animal husbandry industry and protect animal welfare.

Inter Care Animal Health has been through thick and thin with us and this is the reason why Sanfovet want to build a firm foundation with our partner. Both sides has agreed on terms and committed to the future by sign the “exclusive distribution agreement”.

Throughout the meeting, Dr. Tahir Saleem – CEO of Inter Care Animal Health expressed his wishes and shared the strategies for the future development of his company. On behalf of the Board of Director, Dr. Tran Van Dung – General Director also shared his thoughts on helping Inter Care Animal Health to build a sustainable development in Pakistan. During his speech, Mr. Luong Quoc Phong – Export Director, stressed that the cooperation between two companies has already bear fruits and it would continue to do so for a very long time anh he hoped that Sanfovet and Inter Care Animal Health will heading hand in hand toward a foreseeable success. Here are some photos that we captured during the meeting:

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