Dufa.Para C

  • Sku: :   20220623-1370

A strong antipyretic and analgesic

Detail information

Composition: Each 1g contains
Paracetamol 250 mg
Vitamin C 250 mg
Methionine 100 mg
Excipient q.s.f 1 g
Dufa.Para C has a strong antipyretic and analgesic properties due to its high content of acetaminophen or commonly known as paracetamol. In cases of high or prolonged fever, Dufa.Para C helps to relieve pain and immediately reduce the fever. With its high Vitamin C content, Dufa.Para C also helps strengthen livestocks’ immune system, balance electrolytes and aid in the treatment of acute infectious deseases such as P.R.R.S, Gumboro, CRD, Corzya, ORT, Pasteurellosis,… in poultry.
Administration & Dosage
Dilute in drinking water or mix with feed for 3-5 days consecutively with the following recommended concentration: 1kg/5 tons of feed/day or 1g/5 kg of b.w or 1g/1 litre of drinking water.
Withdrawal period
Bottle of 1Kg.
Veterinary use only