Research & Development


SANFOVET is focused on continuously innovating to develop animal health solutions that meet the needs of those who raise and care for animals. We create new insights for preventing and treating disease as well as maximizing healthy performance, that lead to the development of new platforms of knowledge which become the basis for continuous innovation. R&D is at the core of our efforts to provide innovation outcomes that anticipate the future needs of veterinarians and livestock producers in their local markets around the globe.  

Our new product R&D leverages relevant discoveries from the agribusiness, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Combining this capability with the most promising discoveries from existing SANFOVET R&D generally yields a faster, less expensive and more predictable process and more sustainable pipeline as compared to human health R&D. Our R&D for existing products focuses on broadening and enhancing our existing portfolio through the addition of new species or claims, securing approvals in additional countries, or creating new combinations and formulations that extend innovations to a growing range of those who raise and care for animals worldwide.